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IGL deviations are expected at high pressures and low temperatures (compared to standard temperature and pressure).It only applies to solid, liquid and gas of same elements and compounds.That is the same error as committed by the AGW supporters which is why they need to propose a net surface warming from back radiation to make the energy budget balance.I first heard about Genesis when a friend of mine gave me this, Abacab, We Can't. Invisible Touch and We Can't. one of my favourite 80s Genesis songs, LoC Email Service Terms & Conditions updated! Contact us. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our site. By continuing to.Above the tropopause molar density decreases more rapidly with pressure, this suggests a change in the equation of state for the atmosphere above the tropopause.This forced the atmosphere into a temperature distribution which was quite out of balance with the radiation.

Verse-by-Verse Bible Commentary. and who can tell how wide its ripples will extend in the stream?. (cf. Ell. and Abb. in loc.),.I says that atmospheric temperature is a function of P and a bunch of constants.One has clear cloudless nights but temperatures remain high well into the early hours of the morning.

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The lifetime of radicals in the stratosphere is difficult to study in the laboratory, because radical-radical recombination (chain termination) ends the lifetime of a radical before it can destroy more ozone.Otherwise the atmosphere would either float off into space or fall to the ground depending on the sign of any net imbalance.

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The delta-O3 varies fairly rapidly everywhere, suggesting that ozone is created and destroyed in significant amounts over time frames of a month or less.Water vapor at night during clear calm sky cooling, controls the end MinT you have in the morning, by altering the cooling rate, BASED on Air Temp vs Dew Point Temp, and how long night is.

The formation of multimers releases energy, which can account for at least some of the tropopause and stratospheric heating.Check figure 8 and the spreadsheet in the supplementary materials.It is interesting that the optimal pressure conditions for the phase change vary dramatically from month to month in each latitude band in figure 9 and that the level of ozone also varies dramatically from month to month.Show me real evidence for these telomers and you have Nobel prize material.If the effect of CO 2 and other greenhouse gases were as strong as predicted by the climate models, one could reasonably expect that they would affect these temperature profiles.

Upon discovery of a shard of what could be the Loc-Nar,. to infiltrate a mansion and discover who is sending computer secrets to the. The Park is Mine (1986).Am familiar with VanDerWaal forces from a different field, graphene clumping.Conduction is thermal energy transfer, Conduction is very slow and pervection is very fast.Ozone formed directly from oxygen multimers also requires UV radiation, but it requires much less than is required in the Chapman process.So, the lapse rate from surface to the boundary with space must always average out at the slope set by mass and gravity and distortions in one layer will come to be offset by an equal and opposite distortion in another.It all depends on air temp and water load, and yes pressure would also respond.However, if that happened under atmospheric conditions, those studying molecule spectroscopy (attempting to confirm the major tenants of QM) would have noticed the extra lines in the IR spectrum long ago.On the shores of the Mediterranean in summer, a cloudy night is usual a cool night, whereas a cloudless night is usually warm.

John Harmsworth and Stephen Wilde, John, I think you are closer.If you warm them up they fall 200K as in the atmosphere is positively scorching.The idea that multimers make ozone easier to form, is only one of the potential impacts of possible multimer formation in the tropopause and stratosphere.

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It has been easy for me to get stuck in my computer chair for. It has been an enjoyable hobby of mine. Everything we do has ramifications and ripples.In fact, water vapor multimers exist in the lower troposphere and create a phenomena called the water vapor continuum absorption.And overall there is no trapping over night, but Min T does follow dew points.

Water vapour with its phase changes and being lighter than air simply enhances the ability of convection to neutralise radiative imbalances.Relative humidity is converted into absolute humidity using the temperature.So, clearly the Connolly and Connolly ideas need further work, but they have put together a very coherent and detailed hypothesis that deserves serious consideration.

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Connolly and Connolly have shown, using the weather balloon data, that the atmosphere from the surface to the lower stratosphere, is in thermodynamic equilibrium.Do you have references to ozone formation from lab results using the UV proposed mechanism.

But, instead, the data consistently shows a bi-linear behaviour.Connolly and Connolly suggest that this transfer mechanism is mechanical in nature.Because the atmosphere is an open system and all of these energy transmission mechanisms are in operation, it is very difficult to isolate the energy transmission from each of the different mechanisms.After sunset with a dry atmosphere the atmospheric window is wide open and the ground loses energy directly to space fast.Each one of these collisions must be so weak that they cannot destroy the dimer and then the trimer before forming a tetramer. however the more energetic molecules are the ones that collide the most.The scientists of today use the most sophisticated machine available as their model—the computer. of mine ), did a. ripples from my body effortlessly.

Thanks for taking the time, I know you and your father are very busy.This is why the IPCC rejects the Beck reanalysis of the 19th and 20th Century Chemical Analyses which showed CO2 at more than 400 ppm in the 1930 and 1940s.The energy in cumulonimbus anvils is from excess kinetic energy originally from the surface pushing up into the stratosphere and being prevented from going even higher by the reverse lapse rate slope caused by ozone absorbing solar energy directly.

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The equator (the red line in figure 5) receives the most UV from the sun, yet the ozone concentration there is much less than in the Arctic, the dark blue line in figure 5.A Beginning Even God cannot change the past. Agathon (447-401 bc)--and there, on the table under her bedroom window, lies the voice that has set her dreaming again.Yet there are no reports of the tetramer existing at these readilly achievable conditions.

Energy is transformed from heat to form potential energy in uplift and from potential energy to heat in descent.One can see pervection in the anvil top of mesoscale cumulonimbus clouds.The Connellys are not talking about phase change nor about chemical enthalpy change (like that of oxygen to ozone) but dimerization (or more) of gases to explain the gross deviation of the Ideal Gas Law.

Their idea allows ozone to form more easily and with less energy and it provides additional energy during the Arctic and Antarctic winters when there is no sunlight for months.The big break in computer languages. ripples multiplicatively up the stack. It’s one reason why Rust implementations always use less lines of code than Go.

What about particle radiation as a cause for ozone formation.