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Thoth: Scrappy, messages will be highlighted in green when someone has click your name.Anyway if u are able to wait and hold a couple of months u will be rewarded.Thoth: bruno-836d, the.7 ETH deposit is no longer on your account.I keep a bit for trading up and down, but one announcement can crash it.Best14you: A btc ETF may overload the BTC servers, but BTC plans to proceed anyway. I sent 0.01 BTC this time yesterday, and it has still not processed.Tutankhamun: lockey444, even if i have to wait 6 months i will.Thoth: vigilof00l-245c, they should respond before that but if it goes past 48 hours I can look into it.Filipos76: people are quiet and silently buying nxt by old strategy.checjk sell buy wall.Best14you: nobrasil2016, When byteball was introduced, they offered their currency at a discount.

The time that takes varies depending on the fee you paid and network traffic.JeromeKerviel: ebayerm2, Mostly I got in a lot cheaper as well, but I think the fundamentals have only improved.Shinn: stricclylogic24, the only difference between a bot and a human is it doesnt make exceptions, and never panics.Xoblort: Use the slider under the market-graph to show a more accurate portrayal of the past few hours.

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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get.Imogen: moonshiner, no i mean on what your own inner being says.

Altcoin and Bitcoin Trading Chat and Archive - 2017 Feb 28

Madmortigan: pamamoney, Nope, just getting too close to 13 USD.Curry: I remember good times when someone here were giving away 1000 marks for everyone on chat.Xoblort: POLO TIP: Closing open tickets for issues that have been resolved saves everyone time and allows tickets to be resolved quickly.

Blog de RadioAMLO: 12/06/2010

RastaMiner: etc regular price is around 1.30 usdt (just for me).

KoinKop: Shinn, yeah but then i would be an cow trying to fly.Then the fact that its 7 to 1 does not matter,,,, USA can pay in 100000 years,.

BigBen: frankdejung83, the only important thing is not to issue at such a level.Heikel: so no transactions will conducted until it is done (newbie question so bare with me lol).Shinn: masterworld, I just try to value it taking into account inflation and looking at their rate of entries.Thoth: rammstein, I am not sure what caused it to be temporarily frozen.

Imogen: moonshiner, incredibly well since i started to play the prosperity game, on day 11 i made 56 btc on BBR.BigBen: frankdejung83, LOL, if USA defaults, game over for usa.Shinn: rc0452, i can click a faucet and earn 4000 satoshi instantly.xD.BigBen: d0z, usa can go on like this for at least 10000 years. just relax. we are not the important generation in history.Shinn: stricclylogic24, even mine is pretty simple, though im working on a much more advanced one.Anondran: Gains, KontraK, NickH, time to move his 1million premine.

Xoblort: niakris88, then yo uneed to communicate with them through that ticket system.Banhammer: nva7777777 banned for 1 hours and 0 minutes by biodork.Jerrys: terrybeth, we need strong judgement to grab opportunities, look up XMR.Gains: Freeman07, yeah, i was actually down 17k but made 26k this year to put me up lol.Jerrys: terrybeth, i trust the driving force of greed and the logical cycles of economies m8:P.Thoth: bruno-836d, so now you will still need to deposit more in order to have a balance of at least 1 ETH on the account.Imogen: moonshiner, yeah but the world will be a more amazing place with plenty of happy people.Vine Lingham sees gold at 800 at the end of 2017 not too say he is the say all but his essay holds a lot of weight.

Wash: masterworld, yeah I know but it happened to me twice already and I had to contact support and wait a day ).Thoth: matroni, you will need 1 confirmation on the blockchain for your btc deposit to complete here on Poloniex.The ICEX analysts team presents a technical analysis of the Monero crypto currency, Monero - number 9 by capitalization among the Cryptocurrencies, on the weekly.KoinKop: Shinn, i guess more and more money will flow into cryptos and the security gets better and more people now of it.Xoblort: SumsPhoenix, if you have a txID there please also add that to the ticket, Thank you.Thoth: killian, it is not the same account as your Poloniex account.Banhammer: joe123 banned for 1 days, 0 hours, and 0 minutes by Thoth.