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BathrobeBillionaire: says it will be customer experience that keeps them afloat with their banking clients.Today I will explain how to get started the easy way,. Mi segundo consejo es no volverse loc@ con las subidas y las. Puedes comprar Moneros en el exchange.Agent86: decentralise, user-friendliness, dash in bitcoin ATMs, Marketing.

DalalBuffet: ETCisthewinner, I think both are different and can co-exist. until ETH becomes better. then it can eat into dash.

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Agent86: 1000000111000, Yeah Boston Dynamics are like the SpaceX of Robotics IMHO.Mirai: pr0blematik, one moment please, let me look into that for you.HappyIdea: gotta hand it to that qtl team, they are more patient than me.BathrobeBillionaire: acolich, I have been with ETH since whitepaper and presale and still trying to understand it.

DalalBuffet: NooberDog, poor guy must hv burnt all his btc stash with a single clickbait.

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Pink: TexanMogul, Yessssss, MODS, i tried copying the link texan sent and i got filtered out, elaborate.Nordman: SideShowBob, yeah good for you they reduced my tax rate to 9% this year:).

Squidlings: david cameron want to use block chain to fight corruption in governments.BathrobeBillionaire: kingchef, I just explained.ETH Enterprise is taking all of ripples clients.

Coinessa: What were building today is the underpinning of the future -Jeremy Millar.Nahkampfschaf: damocles, another. and another. and another. for sure.Agent86: BenjaminBannekar, He was also a scientist and you spelled his name wrong.NooberDog: lol whale wasting all his btc trying to pump dash xD.

Zebra: decentralise, there is a big fish in these waters. make your judgment yourself do not think trollbox is relevant or providing correct info.Categories. Baby & children Computers & electronics Entertainment & hobby.

I waited 10 hours for 1 confirm. but there was 0, than use VIABTC tool and I get the fir.LoPoXieN: RickRoller, viaBTC helps you out with faster confirmation.The people at ripple should be scared though, not the ETH peeps.Agent86: This next month will go down as one of the most epic of 2017 if not of crypto history, mark my words.Xoblort: furnett0716, Once you get the confirmation you should see it on this page as pending.Nrg1980: causevd, Yes belo teasing and already posted screenshots on slack.Mirai: firefighter, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.Xoblort: ah663214, Your withdrawal is awaiting approval, but confirmed.JohnsJohnJohnny: BTC is at 1197 in BTCC.com, thats a good trade.

Xoblort: talentedSquirrel, you have the 16 digit back up key for your 2FA reset.GoatPower: Mirai, 1 dollar fee is pretty much IMO for that transaction amount, but ok.Nahkampfschaf: eth has purpose and isnt just another payment coin. period.SideShowBob: 50ShadesOfDamon, ok to be honest i have buyin at 1155.ZWhale: lunae, if you bought ZEC at 0.022 you must be winner, no wy.

Cparker742016: ok ty n how do i see it on blockchain as im total noob sorry.Nordman: SideShowBob, was kind of funny watching the calves lol.BlueStinger: everyone just stop selling eth for less than 20 bucks for just one day.Agent86: BenjaminBannekar, Uh, no, space travel is a very real thing as the families of dead astronauts will surely tell you.BrainShutdown: shorts, copy the idea from thatlondo mayor candidate friend of max keyser.Nahkampfschaf: there are also some people here you can always trade the opposite of which they are suggesting.KerCHING: SideShowBob, lol, they are catering for mugs on there.OneDollarBill: i am playing with fire. managed to short dash 2 times now with profits:DD.Shamoo: SideShowBob, u dont even need a private pilot license its just a sports aircraft.20 hours of time will do.

BathrobeBillionaire: youtube suggested a video for me.guy showing his mining rigs.using minergate.Mirai: mohsinrali, Lets not post ticker spam, please. Thank you.Xoblort: Alfie, do not share private information in here please.Mirai: POLO TIP: Want to show respect to another user or award them some reputation.Agent86: 1000000111000, I could think of a million use cases for that thing.CoinDreamer: 1 year ago i thought eth do this what dash did now.

CryptDoH: thewrexhamite, 80% of my dash loans are still active. Good news.Agent86: DalalBuffet, I look at it like this, The top cryptos in the USDT market on Polo are all good long term as crypto rises.XMRMafia01: you boys have sucked up the scam claim for so long you missed the train as it past the station.