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Leverj is building a fully decentralized trading model that will provide an unprecedented level of security and efficiency.International decentralized exchange for translation, content writing, SMM and SERM services with payments in WordCoin.The GMO Agenda Takes a Menacing Leap Forward with EPAs Silent.The Hut34 Project is building a blockchain based switch to facilitate the open exchange and monetization of data, information and digital services.And a world where the most inspired ventures thrive because people can easily support them with their talents and resources.The minimum buy-in of this offer is 50 ETH worth of COSS tokens (the exchange rate ETH to COSS will become available prior to the start of the pre-ICO) with a 25% bonus.

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VanillaPlay is a decentralized, blockchain-enabled platform for video chat services that allows not only models, but also viewers, video streaming relayers and affiliates to earn money.Unlike nearly all other decentralized exchange platforms, OmiseGo allows for decentralized exchange of other blockchains and between multiple blockchains directly without a trusted gateway token.Ethereum-based eSports tournament platform and dividend token.Performs analysis and provides insights on existing cryptocurrency trends based on your selected preferences.This offers a win-win-win scenario for advertisers, publishers, and users.

Decentralized, secure and low-cost event ticketing marketplace built on the blockchain.EtherSportz is being developed as an Ethereum-based eSports tournament platform for popular games like DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2), League of Legends, StarCraft II, CS-GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), and PUBG (PlayerUnknowns: Battlegrounds).The how is the magic of bioluminescence, a chemical reaction produced when oxygen combines.SHARE ESTATE is a platform for investment in commercial real estate objects all over the world, built on the Ethereum platform operating on the principle of the closed-end fund.

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The products offered by the platform will include:- Cryptogene-Learn (Digest)A wiki-like blockchain platform for knowledge sharing.Whether or not their goal was met (the Dallas Museum of Art is.Using block chain and smart contract as the infrastructure, it enable ordinary people to form and join distribution chains for their own custom products, and earn money.Cryptocurrency Followup: IMF Paper Backs Issuance of Central Bank.This energy may feel a little harsh, but she believes honesty is.The company offers users aninvestment alternative called crowd vouching, whichallows customers to make money vouching forpeople who need a urgent loan.Bankera is building a blockchain technology based digital bank.Hunkpati Investments (Hunkpati), located in Fort Thompson, South.

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Built with blockchains, smart contracts and AI, IOA offers a vision for global supply chains and logistics, facilitating trade that is free, fair and frictionless.LA Plant Explosion Sparks Widespread Power Outages During Heat.StuffGoGo allows users to interact and exchange payment directly with no middleman.The focus of establishing a human-centric interface has resulted in a gamifield platform that promotes an engaging user experience that encourages active participation within the STORM Community.

Flypme is a crypto-to-crypto exchange which doesnt require registration nor trust to trade.Looking at the so-called Cold Spot spotted by scientists in the.Study: Vegetable Oils Contribute to Fatty Liver Disease Saturated.The creator of an adult VR experience, the VR models who virtually act inside that experience, the owner of a virtual scenery and of course the VR consumer - all of them want to reliably receive and send payments from and to other platform members.Uploaded videos processes by neural networks to mine some additional data.For instance, someone was complaining about how much it cost to.Instead of letting marketing budgets go to another advertising conglomerate, Refereum funds engagement for cash awards in the gaming community and enables superior acquisition of new players.CSIRO controversially concludes bush footy to be tougher than bush.Back in 2003, the late Dr Allen Roses, then vice-president of.

By studying the process of intravasation or entry of cells into the.AUT (Autorium) is an ERC20 compatible automatic mining Ethereum smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain.Chatbots provide smart answers to common questions and look up requests and offers of interest.This is where Rivetz works to securely manage your secrets, your passwords, keys, and other private information.Investors can easily browse through dozens of trading strategies, provided by professional crypto currency traders and subscribe to the ones matching their goals.On Tuesday, Asterias issued a new update, announcing that the sixth patient.Fanatic Finds Out Wife is Kidney Donor Match From Custom Pack of.